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Welcome to the Better Warrior Cats Wiki

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On this wiki, we attempt to build the best Warrior Cats wiki experience. Even roleplay will be a major part of the wiki when it is complete. Speaking of completeness, when this is done, everything from plot twists to each cat and even Dovewing's true eye color will be discussed, analysed and put under the microscope. The plan is to have a better wiki than the current warrior cats wiki, which is just disappointing and boring. This will cover the finer aspects of Warriors, and even have the most up-to-date official and fanart as part of each character's page.

Warrior Cats

As everyone knows (or should know), Warriors is an expansive series of books that spans more than 70 unique volumes, not even mentioning that there have been multiple different covers for each book. Sometimes Wikis about Warriors just try to be boring, and they manage. This wiki will bring the best of Warriors, without the added unnecessary story that is so often found on other wikis.

The Goal?

The goal of this wiki is to make Moonkitti proud. Since Warriors is such an expansive series, we have our work cut out for us. So, get to work!

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